Administrative units of countries and their codes


The following links will provide listings, based on KNAB, of administrative units of various countries. Search results will open in a new window. The listings also indicate the codes used in KNAB for the units; these are presented in the ADM1 or ADM2 columns.

The terms used to denote the appropriate administrative units are given in English and in the language(s) of the country concerned, the latter is written in italics, in parentheses and accompanied by a designation code (usually a1, etc.). The terms are preceded by a status indication: ADM1 = 1st-order administrative units (usually the largest), ADM2 = 2nd-order administrative units, REG = regions (not viewed as administrative units but applied, for example, in grouping the administrative units). In general, ISO 3166-2 codes are used, or names are written out in full. If KNAB codes are used (in some cases), these can be recognized by the use of both capital and small letters in code names.