Dictionaries and Databases

The Institute’s digital language collections include ca 70 dictionaries and databases, containing ca 1.5 million lexical entries in total. The Institute’s website receives ca 7.8 million user queries annually, reaching 40,000 searches per day for Estonian-Russian dictionary, 20,000 searches for general monolingual dictionaries of Estonian (for both, Dictionary of Standard Estonian and Explanatory Dictionary), as well as 12,000 searches for English-Estonian dictionary. The most used dictionaries and databases are available at the language portal Sõnaveeb ('Wordweb', since 2019) and at the e-keelenõu portal.

The Institute is the only institution in Estonia that compiles, collects and preserves large academic dictionaries, and creates and develops the necessary dictionary writing systems (DWS). All of the works related to dictionaries are carried out using the Institute’s online dictionary systems EELex and Ekilex

All of the word collections of contemporary language important for national culture are nowadays stored at the Institute.

Language portal Sõnaveeb ('Wordweb') (2019)

Combined dictionary search and language helpline e-keelenõu

Dictionaries of Estonian

Dictionary of Estonian 2019 (in Sõnaveeb)    
Dictionary of Collocations 2019 (in Sõnaveeb)    
Dictionary of Standard Estonian ÕS 2018    
"The Spelling Dictionary of Estonian 1918": A Commented Online Dictionary    
Dictionary of Standard Estonian ÕS 2013    
Explanatory Dictionary of the Estonian Language (6 vols, 2009)    
Dictionary of Foreign Words (2012, online 2015)    
Estonian Etymological Dictionary (2012)    
Basic Estonian Dictionary (A2/B1 level) (2014)    
Advisory Dictionary of Document Language (2013)    
Dictionary of Estonian Word Families (2012)    
Dictionary of Idioms (2000)    
Dictionary of Synonyms (1991)    
Dictionary of Antonyms (1995)    
Dictionary of Slang (1990)    
Low German Loanwords in Estonian (2016)    

Bilingual dictionaries

Estonian-Finnish Dictionary (2019)    
Finnish-Estonian Dictionary (2017)     
English-Estonian (Machine Translation, constantly updated)    
Estonian-Russian (19972009, since 2019 in Sõnaveeb)    
Russian-Estonian (2000)    
Standard Estonian Dictionary for Russian School Students (2011, since 2019 in Sõnaveeb)    
Estonian-Latvian (2015)    
Latvian-Estonian (2015)    
Hungarian-Estonian (Tartu University, 2010)    
Estonian-Norwegian (1998)    
Norwegian-Estonian (1998)    
Dictionary of Estonian Sign Language (2014)    
Livonian-German Dictionary (1861)    

Dictionaries of Dialects

Dictionary of Estonian Dialects (online 2013-, lõpetisnälpsama). The earlier fascicles (4−26) can be downloaded as PDF files.

Seto Dictionary (2016)

Eastern Dialect Dictionary (2016)

Hiiu Dictionary (2015)

Kihnu Dictionary (2016)

Mulgi Dictionary (2013)

Small Dialectological Dictionary (1982-1989) 

The Dictionary of Old Võru Dialect (2011)

Dictionaries of Cognate Languages 

Estonian-Erzya Dictionary (2019)

Estonian-Udmurt Dictionary  (2015)

Estonian-Mari Dictionary (2017) 

Votic Dictionary (2019)

Terminological databases and dictionaries

ESTERM (multilingual terminology database, constantly updated)

MILITERM (military terminology database, constantly updated)

Dictionary of Education (2013)

Dictionary of Hobby Education (2016)

English-Estonian Maritime Dictionary (2008)

Dictionary Writing Systems

Dictionary Writing System Ekilex

Dictionary Writing System EELex

Terminology Management System Termeki