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International seminar
Culture and Landscape

October 1314, 2000
Tallinn, Estonian Academy of Arts, Tartu mnt 1

Abstracts [pdf]

International seminar "Place and Location II: Culture and Landscape" focuses on the relations between human experience and activities on the one hand and on landscape as a way of experiencing, describing and depicting the environment on the other hand. The goal is to bring together people from different fields for a discussion on the following themes:

  • notions of landscape, space and environment in different fields of research;
  • landscapes significant and influenced by culture;
  • possibilities of integrating culture with its natural sources;
  • ways of introducing, presenting and experiencing environment.


Institute of Art History,
Estonian Academy of Arts
Under and Tuglas Literature Centre

Coordinators of the Conference:
Dr. Virve Sarapik, virve@eki.ee
Dr. Kaia Lehari, kti@artun.ee
Mari Laanemets, maria@artun.ee

The seminar "Place and Location" is supported by:
Cultural Endowment of Estonia
Estonian Academy of Arts