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International seminar
Culture and Landscape

October 13–14, 2000
Tallinn, Estonian Academy of Arts, Tartu mnt 1

Abstracts [pdf]

Friday, October 13
  • 10.00 Opening
  • 10.15 Pauli Tapani Karjalainen (University of Oulu, Finland)
    Three Ways of a Landscape
  • 11.00 Sven Arntzen (Telemark College, Norway)
    Landscape and Meaning: The Immaterial Dimension of Environmental Preservation
  • 11.45 Hannes Palang, Piret Paal (University of Tartu, Estonian Literary Museum)
    Places Gained and Lost
  • 12.30 Lunch
  • 13.30 Ruta Caupova (University of Latvia)
    Concepts and Motifs of Landscape in Contemporary Latvian Sculpture
  • 14.00 Kristiâna Âbele (University of Latvia)
    Revealing a Hidden Life - Landscape as a Visual Metaphor in Latvian Art of the Early 20th Century
  • 14.30 Maria Zadencka (Stockholm)
    Transformations of the National Landscape: Steppe and Sea in the Polish Literature and Art
  • 15.00 Janis Kalnacs (Vidzeme University College)
    Landscape as an Indicator of Art Life in Latvia During Period of Nazi Occupation
  • 15.30 Coffee
  • 16.00 Natalja Zlõdneva (Moscow, Institute for Slavic Studies)
    'Waste Slot' as a Text of Culture
  • 16.30 Stella Pelse (University of Latvia)
    Essence vs Appearance - Picture Space in Modernist Theoretical Writings
  • 17.00 Anti Randviir (University of Tartu)
    Place as a/the substrate of culture
  • 17.30 Pasi T. Korhonen (Helsinki University of Technology)
    Gazes Behind Restored Landscape - The Case of Suomenlinna Sea Fortress
  • 13.30 Marja Kallasmaa (Institute of the Estonian Language)
    Kohanimed kui keskkond nimekasutajale ja objekt nimeuurijale
    [Toponyms – An Environment for Their Users and an Object for Their Researchers]
  • 14.00 Timo Maran (University of Tartu)
    Maastik kui mälu kandja
    [Landscape as the Vehicle of Memory]
  • 14.30 Peet Lepik (Tallinn Pedagogical University)
    Sümmeetria semioosises
    [The Semiosis of Symmetry]
  • 15.00 Toomas-Vahur Lihtmaa (Tallinn Pedagogical University)
    Mõningaid seisukohti interpreteerimaks visuaalseid objekte
    [Some Viewpoints in the Interpretation of Visual Objects]
  • 15.30 Coffee
  • 16.00 Katrin Koov (Coo Architects, Tallinn)
    Muunduvad maastikud
  • 16.30 Liina Unt (Estonian Academy of Arts)
    Kohtade lavastamine
    [Making up Places]
  • 17.00 Monika Läänesaar (University of Tartu)
    Kus on seinad? Lavalise keskkonna esitamise viisid teatriajaloos
    [Where are the Walls?The Ways of Presenting the Stage Environment in the History of Theatre]
  • 17.30 Anneli Saro (University of Tartu)
    Lava kehtestamine
    [The Establishment of the Stage]

Saturday, October 14
  • Excursion, guided by
    Kalevi Kull (University of Tartu)
    The Estonian Landscape Tradition
    Valter Lang (University of Tartu)
  • 15.00 Lunch
  • 16.00 Kadri Tüür (University of Tartu)
    Those Who Love (in) The Woods
  • 16.30 Ene-Reet Soovik (University of Tartu)
    To Be a Landscape': Some Aspects of Landscape Representation in Contemporary Estonian Poetry
  • 17.00 Anneli Mihkelev (Under and Tuglas Literature Centre, University of Tartu)
    Linnasemiootika eesti luules
  • 17.30 Arne Merilai (University of Tartu)
    "Minu luule kohakus ehk kus on kullalla koduke..."
    [My poetry's bump of locality or where's a deary's home...]
  • 16.00 Kaia Lehari (Estonian Academy of Arts)
    Talvine maastik sillaga
    [A Wintry Landscape with a Bridge]
  • 16.30 Mari Laanemets (Estonian Academy of Arts)
    Heterotoopia kaardistamisest: välja meelitatud kokkupõrked Tallinnas
    [On the Mapping of Heterotopia: Elicited Encounters in Tallinn]
  • 17.00 Vappu Vabar (Estonian Academy of Arts)
    Kohtumine kehas ja keeles
    [Meeting in Body and Language]
  • 17.30 Karin Paulus (Estonian Academy of Arts)
    Kodu kõverpeeglis
    [Home in a Distorting Mirror]
  • 18.00 Virve Sarapik (Estonian Academy of Arts)
    Maastik: kujutamine ja esitamine
    [Landscape: Representation and Presentation]