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Studies in Environmental Aesthetics
and Semiotics

Editors: Virve Sarapik, Eva Näripea, Jaak Tomberg

Published by
The Research Group of Cultural and Literary Theory, Estonian Literary Museum
Institute of Art History, Estonian Academy of Arts
Estonian Semiotics Association
Koht ja paik 6

"Place and Location: Studies in Environmental Aesthetics and Semiotics" is an annual periodical for interdisciplinary research concerning human–environment relationships and representations of environment. "Place and Location" offers a forum for researches from different fields to discuss the following topics:

– creative connections in human–environment relations; the ways of experiencing, perceiving and representing the environment;
– the user as the creative agent of the place/landscape/urban environment;
– places as changing elements in the dynamic environment;
– the role of nature and culture in the process of text creation;
– landscapes influenced by culture and meaningful to it;
– locality as one of the forms of human–nature relationship.

As a periodical, "Place and Location" evolved from interdisciplinary series of events "Koht ja Paik / Place and Location". The first conference took place in 1998; the first corresponding volume of articles appeared from print in 2000, including the presentations from the conference as well as other articles thematically related to the conference. The next bigger conference-events took place in 2000, 2002 and 2004. Thereafter, several smaller series of seminars and conferences – also connected to the periodicals – have taken place. The initiators of the conference were Virve Sarapik and Kaia Lehari, the central institution has been Institute of Art History, Estonian Academy of Arts. Since 2003, the event has been organized in collaboration with Estonian Literary Museum and Estonian Semiotics Association.

Contributions for "Place and Location" will be considered by the Editorial Board and will be submitted for anonymous peer reviews. Articles submitted for publication and all editorial inquiries should be addressed to:

Place and Location
Roosikrantsi 6, Tallinn 10119, Estonia
Fax: +372 6 267 328
e-mail: virve@eki.ee (Virve Sarapik, editor)