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a bitveidike, pisut

a bit at seaebakindel

a bit differentveidi erinev

a bit muchveidi liialdatud

a bit thickveidi liiga paks

 • bitt, tükk, suuraud, suulised, lõiketera
 • hammustama

bit bucket(nalj) bitiprügimägi (kujuteldav koht, kuhu lähevad kustutatud või kadunud failid)

bit by bittükk-tükilt, samm sammult

bit partkõrvalosa

bit ratebitikiirus

bore bitkivipuur

brace and bitvinnal, puur

champ at the bitkannatust kaotama, kärsitult ootama

cross bitkivipuur

curb bitkangsuulised, suurauad

devil's bitlemmelill

do your bitoma osa täitma, oma kohust täitma

drilling bitpuuri lõiketera

every bitsama, igatepidi

fairy wand Vt devil's bit

gimlet bittiguoherdi

just a bitainult pisut

not a bitmitte põrmugi

snaffle bittrenselsuulised

take the bit in the teethliigtormakalt alustama, tõrkuma hakkama

take the bit in your teethliigtormakalt alustama, tõrkuma hakkama

tiny bitkübeke, õige pisut

A bit in the morning is better than nothing all day.Natukene igal hommikul on parem kui mitte midagi kogu päeva jooksul.

Once bit twice shy.Kes on kord hammustada saanud, see kardab mitmekordselt. || Kes vitsu saanud, kardab kõrtki. || Hirmutatud vares kardab põõsastki.

Aren’t you piling a bit thick?

Could you make yourself a bit clearer?

Every now and then I do get things a bit wrong

He had a kindly eye for a self-conscious hostess who needed a bit of help

He is a bit apprehensive about the future

He is a bit round the bend (mad)

He is a bit touched in the head

He was a bit down in the mouth

His conversation is getting a bit too heady

I am a bit strung up

I feel as much every bit as you do

I got a bit shirty (angry)

I was a bit sore with you for holding out on me

I’ll scout around a bit and see what I can get

I’m off for a bit of lunch

I’m still a bit groggy, I must say

It is a bit of a gamble to arrange for..., with a climate like ours

It is a bit of a trial to me

It is every bit as important

It seems to be a bit of petty spite

It was a bit of a nuisance

It will not help them one little bit

It wouldn’t do anyone a little bit of good

It’ll take you a good bit out of your way

It’s a bit of a guess

It’s a bit thick (it’s much too much)

It’s a bit thick to be expelled for that

It’s no joking matter, I am actually in a bit of a spot

Not a bit/not at all

She is a bit given to overstatement

She is a bit long in the tooth (getting old)

She looked a bit downcast

She was a bit aloof, but it soon wore off

Steady on! (wait a bit)

That brings me to a bit of criticism

That’s a bit tough

The evenings and days off drag a bit

The garden has been let go a bit

This takes a bit of believing

Till she perks up a bit (recovers)

We fell in with a bit of bad weather

We’ll be doing our bit towards the fund

When he reached the beams he got a bit of a breather

You are a bit of a marvel

You are a bit overdone/done up

You are not a bit my idea of a scientist

You’ll find him a bit trying

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