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Resolution II/5 (1972)

Bulgarian Cyrillic alphabet

The Conference,

Noting that Bulgaria has officially adopted and used for a number of years a system for romanizing Bulgarian geographical names from the Bulgarian Cyrillic alphabet,

Noting also that a substantial body of Bulgarian geographical names currently exists in terms of the BGN/PCGN 1952 transliteration system for Bulgarian Cyrillic,

Recommends that the system set forth by the Council on Orthography and Transcription of Geographical Names in its English version, System of Transliteration and Transcription of Bulgarian Geographical Names in Roman Letters (Sofia, 1972), with the addition of certain alternative romanizations for particular Bulgarian Cyrillic characters to be used only as a group, be adopted as the international system for the romanization of Bulgarian geographical names from Bulgarian Cyrillic alphabet.


1.А аa 12.Л лl 23.Ц цc
2.Б бb 13.М мm 24.Ч чč
3.В вv 14.Н нn 25.Ш шš
4.Г гg 15.О оo 26.Щ щšt
5.Д дd 16.П пp 27.Ъ ъâ
6.Е еe 17.Р рr 28.Ь ьj
7.Ж жž 18.С сs 29.Ю юju
8.З зz 19.Т тt 30.Я яja
9.И иi 20.У уu 31.Ы ыy
10.Й йj 21.Ф фf 32.Ѣ ѣja or e
11.К кk 22.Х хh 33.Ѫ ѫǎ

The following alternatives are permitted, but only as a group:

7.Ж жzh 25.Ш шsh 29.Ю юyu
10.Й йy 26.Щ щsht 30.Я яya
22.Х хkh 27.Ъ ъŭ 32.Ѣ ѣya or e*
23.Ц цts 28.Ь ь 33.Ѫ ѫŭ
24.Ч чch  

* If pronunciation is known, otherwise ye.

Note. This resolution is superseded by res. III/10.