Working Group on Romanization Systems

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Resolution I/9 (1967)

A single romanization system

The Conference,

Considering the duplication and confusion arising from the existence of different romanization systems based on the phonetic structure of the receiver languages,

1. Recommends that efforts should be made to arrive at an agreement on a single romanization system, based on scientific principles, from each non-Roman alphabet or script, for international application;

2. Further recommends that a special working group under the responsibility of the proposed United Nations Permanent Committee of Experts on Geographical Names should concentrate on this subject with a view to making a comparative study of the various romanization systems and to analysing their advantages and disadvantages as media for standardization of geographical names;

3. Further recommends that this special working group should consider the views expressed by various international and national bodies, and seek ways to accomplish the adoption of a single romanization system from each non-Roman alphabet or script for international application as soon as may be possible.