Working Group on Romanization Systems

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Resolution I/12 (1967)

Romanization of Arabic geographical names

The Conference,

Noting the romanization system currently being employed in the transliteration of names for official romanized maps of some Arabic-speaking countries, such as Libya and Saudi Arabia,

Noting further the different romanization system being used in the current mapping of other Arabic-speaking countries, such as Lebanon and Syria,

Recognizing the variety of systems being used in other Arabic-speaking countries,

Recommends that those Arabic-speaking countries which intend to produce romanized maps or gazetteers for official use investigate the possibility of agreeing on a single system for the romanization of Arabic geographical names for official use in all Arabic-speaking countries, or alternatively, if a single romanization system proves to be impracticable, that the use of two systems only be considered, one based on the French system of transliteration and the second on the English.

Note. This resolution is updated by res. II/8.