Working Group on Romanization Systems

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Resolution XI/3 (2017)

Romanization of Arabic geographical names

The Conference,

Considering resolution II/8 on the romanization of Arabic geographical names,

Noting the system adopted by Arabic experts at the conference held in Beirut in 2007, the Unified Arabic Transliteration System,

Noting also the practical amendments and corrections carried out and agreed upon by the representatives of the Arabic-speaking countries at the Fourth Arab Conference on Geographical Names, held in Beirut in 2008,

Knowing that many Arab States have issued their official valid decisions on the adoption of the system so that it has become applied and stable in those countries,

Recommends the adoption of the Unified Arabic Transliteration System (Beirut 2007 system), as set out in the document entitled “Romanization system from Arabic letters to Latinized letters 2007”, with clarifications and amendments in paragraphs 1, 3, 5 and 6 of annex 1 thereto with regard to the romanization of the geographical names within those Arabic-speaking countries where the system has officially been adopted.

The original text of the resolution is available from the 11th UNCSGN report, pp. 19–20.

Note. This resolution supersedes and updates resolutions II/8, III/9 and VII/4.