Working Group on Romanization Systems

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Resolution X/8 (2012)

Romanization of Iranian geographical names

The Conference,

Recognizing that the romanization system for geographical names adopted by the Conference in its resolution I/13 is no longer used in the Islamic Republic of Iran,

Recognizing also that over a period of more than twenty years a system of romanization called “broad transcription” has been developed for Persian and is now implemented in the national geographical names database and administrative divisions maps of the Islamic Republic of Iran,

Noting that the original Persian script forms of Iranian geographical names are available in the national geographical names database and the transliterated forms will be available in the same database,

Noting also that, because more implementation of this system is needed and a suitable transitional period will be required before the system can be fully implemented at the international level, the Islamic Republic of Iran should provide practical assistance to receiver countries for that purpose,

Recalling that the Conference, in its resolution IX/8, allowed for the relevance of any internationally adopted romanization system that was no longer implemented by sponsoring nations to be reconsidered after ten years,

Recommends that the “broad transcription” system, as set out in the document entitled “New Persian romanization system”,1 be adopted as the international system for the romanization of Iranian geographical names.

1 – See E/CONF.101/118/Add.1. The full text of the document is available from http://unstats.un.org/unsd/geoinfo/uncsgnungegn/ungegnConf10.html.