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The search is case-insensitive but requires exact substring match. It generally implies that you know how character names are constructed. Some things are counterintuitive and hard to find: AE is letter, OE is ligature; there is no reversed apostrophe but reversed comma instead and so on. Still, it's a useful tool.
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UCS collections comprising Multilingual European Subset No. 3

1Basic Latin 0020--007E view
2Latin-1 Supplement 00A0--00FF view
3Latin Extended-A 0100--017F view
4Latin Extended-B 0180--024F view
5IPA Extensions 0250--02AF view
6Spacing Modifier Letters 02B0--02FF view
7Combining Diacritical Marks 0300--036F view
8Basic Greek 0370--03CF view
9Greek Symbols and Coptic 03D0--03FF view
10Cyrillic 0400--04FF view
11Armenian 0530--058F view
27Basic Georgian 10D0--10FF view
30Latin Extended Additional 1E00--1EFF view
31Greek Extended 1F00--1FFF
32General Punctuation 2000--206F view
33Superscripts and Subscripts 2070--209F view
34Currency Symbols 20A0--20CF view
35Combining Diacritical Marks for Symbols 20D0--20FF view
36Letterlike Symbols 2100--214F view
37Number Forms 2150--218F
38Arrows 2190--21FF view
39Mathematical Operators 2200--22FF view
40Miscellaneous Technical 2300--23FF view
42Optical Character Recognition 2440--245F
44Box Drawing 2500--257F view
45Block Elements 2580--259F view
46Geometric Shapes 25A0--25FF
47Miscellaneous Symbols 2600--26FF
48Dingbats (not in MES) 2700--27BF view
XXLetter Database private range E000--F8FF view
63Alphabetic Presentation Forms FB00--FB4F view
65Combining Half Marks FE20--FE2F
70Specials FFF0--FFFD