eTranslation TermBank


Agreement number: INEA/CEF/ICT/A2016/1331795

Action No: 2016-EU-IA-0122

Project duration: 18 months (September 1, 2017 – February 28, 2019)


Project partners:

·         Tilde, Latvia (coordinator)

·         University of Copenhagen, Denmark

·         Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies, Iceland

·         Institute of the Estonian Language, Estonia

·         Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia

·         International Network for Terminology, Austria

·         Institute for Language and Folklore, Sweden

·         Swedish Centre for Terminology, Sweden

·         Institute of the Lithuanian language, Lithuania


Contacts in Estonia:

·         Kelly Lilles This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

·         Mari Vaus This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Scope and objectives of the action:

The eTranslation TermBank action aims at providing new Terminological Resources (TRs) to the language resource pipeline of CEF eTranslation for three sector-specific domains: health, business legislation and customer protection to support the CEF DSIseHealthe-Justice and Online Dispute Resolution. A minimum of 150 TRs covering all official languages of the EU plus Norwegian and Icelandic will be provided by the end of the action.  In addition to Estonian terminological resources, our task is to collect also the terminological resources of the Czech Republic and the Republic of Malta.


Definition of a terminological resource in the context of the project:

·         Bilingual/multilingual terminological collection in a given domain

·         So far not open i.e. not available for download under open license (cf. IATE)

·         Collected and provided TRs comply with the ELRC Validation Guidelines

·         Clear licensing status: according to standard and national open licences strongly advised by ELRC

·         Specific domains – mandatory: health, business legislation, consumer protection; optional: cyber security, social security

·         Languages: 24 EU + Norwegian and Icelandic

·         For specific digital public services: eHealth, e‑Justice, Open Dispute Resolution



·         150 terminological resources for official languages of the EU plus Norwegian and Icelandic

·         “Terminology for Europe” network for sustainable cooperation with CEF eTranslation

·         Pipeline of terminological resources flow to CEF eTranslation

·         Directory of entities dealing with terminology on national level

·         Directory of existing terminological resources in the three sector-specific domains for CEF eTranslation

·         Methodology for preparation and application of terminological resources for CEF eTranslation



·         Improve the quality and coverage of CEF eTranslation



We are very thankful to everybody who contributed to the eTranslation TermBank action:

Kaja Põlluste “Patsiendiohutuse terminibaas” (Patient Safety Termbase)

Ele Kiisk and the University of Tartu “Rahvatervishoiu eesti-inglise seletav sõnastik” (Estonian-English Explanatory Dictionary of Public Health)

Mart Viikmaa “Klassikalise geneetika leksikon” (Lexicon of Classical Genetics)

Toivo Maimets, Märt Roosaare, Mikk Puustusmaa and Sulev Kuuse “Rakubioloogia sõnastik CellDi” (CellDI - Dictionary of cell biology)

Indrek Viil and the Estonian Biochemical Society “Biokeemiasõnastik” (Biochemistry Dictionary)

Krista Kärt and the Health and Welfare Information Systems Centre “Patomorfoloogiline diagnoos” (Pathomorphological Diagnose), “Proovimaterjali uuringu paige” (Sample Site), “Kehapiirkond” (Body Region), “E-tervise terminibaas” (eHealth termbase)

Kaja Vaagen and the Estonian Society for Laboratory Medicine “Analüüside nimetused” (Names of analytes in laboratory medicine)

Maarja-Leena Saar and Andres Kütt and the Estonian Open Government Data Portal “Eesti Maaeluministeeriumi sordiregister” (Register of cultivated plants of the Estonian Ministry of Rural Affairs), “Eesti Maksu- ja Tolliameti tollitariifistiku dokument” (Customs tariff document of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board)

Ruta Rannala and the Estonian Clothing and Textile Association “Tekstiilikiudude sõnastik ja lühendid” (Textile and Fabric Dictionary)

Livia Vosman, Brent-Silvester Viin and the Financial Supervision Authority “Minu Raha sõnaraamat” ( Glossary)

Kristiina Koort and Estonian Private Equity & Venture Capital Industry “Riskikapitali terminoloogia” (Venture Capital Terminology)

Reuben Degiorgio “Genetika Termbase” (Genetics Termbase)

Carl Paul Delmar “Newrologija Termbase” (Neurology Termbase)

Attard Cressida “A glossary of psychopathological terms and their characteristics”

Kurt Buttigieg “Glossary of terms used by the European Union, the Council of Europe and UNESCO in the fields of culture and new media”

Valerie Vella “A glossary of medical terms related to diseases, disorders and conditions”

University of Malta, Joseph Eynaud, Christine Galea

John Spiteri Gingell “Il-Miklem”

Charles University, Martin Souček, Mgr. Bohuslava Fajstavrová “Wikisofia”

Markéta Fišerová and the Czech National Bank “The Dictionary of the Czech National Bank”