Minutes of the meeting of the UNGEGN Working Group on Romanization Systems

New York, 1 May 2014


  1. Preparations for the 11th UNCSGN
  2. WGRS and liaison with ICANN and ISO TC 46/WG 3
  3. Updates to the WGRS website
  4. Proposal to create a sub-group to address transcription systems for regions in Africa
  5. Any other business

1. Preparations for the 11th UNCSGN

2. Liaisons maintained by the WG

3. Updates to the WG website

4. A proposal to establish a Subgroup for transcription of (unwritten) indigenous languages in West and Central Africa made by Mme. Élisabeth Calvarin will be taken in consideration. As the languages concerned do not make use of a non-Roman script, maybe the Task Team for Africa should be involved.

5. Other business: input from experts in the WG is asked for the possible development of a mechanism to measure the level of implementation of systems of romanization.

Notes taken by Mr. Tjeerd Tichelaar