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United Nations Romanization Systems for Geographical Names. Preliminary Report on Their Current Status. Version 1.3.

The report on the United Nations romanization systems for geographical names (version 1.2, November 1999) was originally presented as Working Paper No. 34 (and 34/Corr.) to the 20th Session of the United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names (UNGEGN) held in New York in January 2000. Subsequently it was decided to publish the report on the Working Group's website, after incorporating all the corrections and notes made by experts at the session. All changes to version 1.2 are separately listed. In addition the layout of the report was modified so that each section for any specific language would constitute a separate document. It was considered appropriate to add a header and subtitles in the language sections. Also the font sizes were increased to improve the legibility of the characters.

The fonts used for the production of the non-Roman tables are thought to be in the public domain (except for WordPerfect 6.1 fonts) and have been obtained through the Internet. The Working Group has no rights to redistribute any of these fonts. Users interested in non-Roman fonts should refer to the pages at SIL International, the Yamada Language Centre or Dr. Berlin's Foreign Language Fonts Archive.

List of non-Roman fonts used:

The identification of the fonts here is not an endorsement by the Working Group or its members of the products or the manufacturers.

Use of the contents of the report is in every way encouraged and the Working Group will be grateful for all comments, remarks and noted errors. It is anticipated that a new version of this report will be prepared for the Eighth United Nations Conference on the Standardization of Geographical Names, to be held in Berlin in August 2002.

Reprinting of the report or parts of it will require the approval of the Working Group. Also the Working Group should be informed if portions of the report are intended to be copied and put on other servers.