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Resolution III/11 (1977)

Serbo-Croatian and Macedonian Cyrillic alphabets of Yugoslavia

The Conference,

Recognizing the need for elaboration of resolution 6 of the Second United Nations Conference on the Standardization of Geographical Names,

Recognizing further that in Yugoslavia the romanization of the Serbo-Croatian and Macedonian cyrillic alphabets has long been employed in official gazetteers and maps,

Recommends that the systems that are given in the annex to this resolution be adopted as the international systems for the romanization of Serbo-Croatian and Macedonian geographical names in Yugoslavia.


Letter numbersCyrillic characterRomanization form
1А аА аA a
2Б бБ бB b
3В вВ вV v
4Г гГ гG g
5Д дД дD d
6Ђ ђĐ đ
7Ѓ ѓG g before е and и
Đ đ in other cases
8Е еЕ еE e
9Ж жЖ жŽ ž
10З зЗ зZ z
11Ѕ ѕDz dz
12И иИ иI i
13Ј јЈ јJ j
14К кК кK k
15Л лЛ лL l
16Љ љЉ љLj lj
17М мМ мM m
18Н нН нN n
19Њ њЊ њNj nj
20О оО оO o
21П пП пP p
22Р рР рR r
23С сС сS s
24Т тТ тT t
25Ћ ћĆ ć
26Ќ ќK k before е and и
Ć ć in other cases
27У уУ уU u
28Ф фФ фF f
29Х хХ хH h
30Ц цЦ цC c
31Ч чЧ чČ č
32Џ џЏ џDž dž
33Ш шШ шŠ š

Note. See also corrections in res. VIII/14