Common symbols:

` 3rd degree of phonetic quantity

' word stress

[ boundary between a stem and a morphological formative

| boundary befor a suffix in a stem

+ boundary between members of compound words

\ \ translation equivalent

" " grammatical meaning

Grammatical categories:

ab abessive

abl ablative

ad adessive

adt aditive

af affirmative

all allative

dim diminutive

el elative

es essive

g / gen genitive

ger gerund

ill illative

imp imperative

in inessive

ind indicative

inf infinitive

ipf imperfect

ips impersonal

knd conditional

kom comitative

komp comparative

kvt quotative

n / nom nominative

neg negative

ngp nom / gen / part

p / part partitive

pf perfect

pl plural

ppf pluperfect

pr present

ps personal

pt preterite

pts participle

sg singular

sup supine

ter terminative

tr translative

1 1st person

2 2nd person

3 3rd person

Parts of speech:

A adjective

D adverb

G attribute in gen

I interjection

J conjunction K pre/post-position

N numeral

P pronoun

S noun substantive

V verb