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Current stand in compiling the database (2004-10-29)
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Conventions in bibliographical records

in Bold -- independent publications (books, etc.);
in Normal type -- papers, theses, etc. in journals, books, etc.;
in Italics -- newspaper articles (popular science), reviews, reports, etc.;
in brown Italics -- cases when there are no titles, and the first sentence of the publication is cited (this is frequent in older newspaper articles);
underlined are links where the publication or an introduction to it is available;
in green are marked manuscripts or oral presentations;
asterisk (*) denotes cases where the records have not been verified de visu; usually the information has been taken from indirect sources, such as a bibliography;
plus (+) denotes publications where names are just a side topic or only casually mentioned;
double ## denotes reprints;
OU: denotes records that are planned to be included in the selected bibliography of Onomastica Uralica (in the Estonian section)

The bibliography on onomastics is being compiled in the framework of the international Onomastica Uralica Project. The activities are supported by the Estonian Science Foundation grant No. 4941 "Estonian onomastical data in the series of Onomastica Uralica" (2001--2004).

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