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decimal: ß
UTF-8 (c3, 9f) ß
old name:
Adobe glyph name: germandbls
mnemonic name(s): <ss>
HTML 4 mnemonic name:&szlig;
category: Ll (Letter, Lowercase)
combining: 0
comment: German
Note: ß is unique to the German language in Germany and Austria, Swiss German uses ss. The recent spelling reform in Germany also mandated ss in several contexts -- ß is retained at the end of the stem after a long vowel or diphthong. ß is not treated as a ligature (s+z). Also called eszet or sharp s.
found in charsets: CP863 (E1); CP775 (E1); 8859-15 (DF); CP1250 (DF); 8859-3 (DF); CENTEURO (A7); CP1258 (DF); 8859-10 (DF); 8859-9 (DF); ROMAN (A7); CP862 (E1); 8859-2 (DF); CP857 (E1); CP1252 (DF); CP437 (E1); CP860 (E1); 8859-4 (DF); CP1122 (59); CP1254 (DF); SAMI_MAC (A7); CP852 (E1); CP865 (E1); CP861 (E1); 8859-13 (DF); CP850 (E1); CP1257 (DF); 8859-1 (DF); CP1116 (E1); SAMI_WIN (DF); 8859-14 (DF); 8859-16 (DF); VENTURA_INT (D9);
found in languages: lb [Luxembourgian]; de [German];
used in romanization of:

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