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Francois Serpent
eesti keeles

fs was born on October 17, 1971.

Has graduated from the University of Tartu as an art historian (1999).

Currently employed at the Estonian Writers' Union magazine "Looming" as an editor of literary criticism.

Has published three collections of poetry "Ka Jumal on inimene" (God is Human Too, 1997)
and "valgete kaantega raamat" (book with white covers, 2000, which presentation was dedicated to the 20th death anniversary of the Joy Division singer Ian Curtis) "2004" (2004) and "Alasti ja elus" (Naked and Alive, 2008).

"2004" gained the award of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

Has published poetry, short prose and literary criticism in the major Estonian cultural publications ("Looming", "Vikerkaar" etc.).

His poems have been translated into Finnish (collection of poems "Valoa tunnelin päässä, 2009, by Hannu Oittinen; "Peilikuva/Spegelbild" 4/2000 and "Tuli & Savu" 3-4/2000 by Heli Laaksonen), Swedish (collection of poems "2007", 2007, translated by Peeter Puide; "00tal" 17/18 2004 by Kalli Klement), French (by Antoine Chalvin), English (by Miriam McIlfatrick, Eric Dickens and AcrossWords), Polish ("Dekada Literacka" 9/10 2003, by Aarne Puu), Latvian ("Forums" May 28 - June 4 2004, "Forums" Oct. 8-15 2004, "Karogs" 5/2005, by Guntars Godinš), Russian (collection of poems "2004", 2005, translated by Igor Kotjuh), Bulgarian (collection of poems "2004", 2008, by Zdravko Kissiov) and Lithuanian (the anthology of Druskininkai Poetic Fall 2006, by Danute Sirijos Giraite). One poem of fs is translated into Sottish Gaelic by Rody Gorman.

fs is a member of the Estonian Writers' Union.


The following photos by Alexey Tikhonov, Liis Roden and fs have been used on the homepage with the authors' kind permission:

Alexey Tikhonov:
"Railroad Chaos"
"Corridor 2"

Liis Roden:
portrait of fs

"With Daughter in Amusement Park" (on the front page)

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