United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names (UNGEGN)
3rd Meeting of the Baltic Division
Vilnius, 16-17 November 2000


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8.00–9.00 Registration of participants (A. Juozapavičiaus g. 13-220)
9.00 Opening of the meeting
Welcoming statement
D. Mikulėnienė, Chairperson, State Commission of the Lithuanian Language at the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania
Representatives of the expert groups from Latvia, Estonia and Russia
Discussion of the agenda
9.45 P. Päll. Information on the 20th Session of UNGEGN in New York (January 2000)
10.10 Z. Goba. Impressions from the international symposium „GeoNames 2000" in Frankfurt
10.30 National standardization of geographical names
M. Razmukaitė. Some remarks on the standardization of toponyms in Lithuania
E. Sepp, T. Pikner, P. Päll, H. Laasi. Activities of the Place Names Board of Estonia and application of the Place Names Act
E. Sepp. Plans for reforming the administrative-territorial division in Estonia and their effects on place names
V. Boginskij. Information on the activities carried out in the Russian Federation on the standardization of geographical names
11.15 Coffee break
11.30Field collection and treatment of place names
D. Mardosienė. Toponyms in the official maps of Lithuania and in the cartographic databases
Z. Goba. Geographical names on the Satellite Map of Latvia (1 : 50000) and in some toponymic dictionaries
T. Raudsepp. Sources of geographic names and application of the names on maps
L. Bilkis. Short linguistic description of the most important collections of Lithuanian toponyms
12.30 Demonstration of a Finnish videocassette on geographical names
13.10 Lunch break
14.00 T. Duksa. Principles of orthography of toponyms on sea charts and air navigation charts of Lithuania
A. Brukas. Compilation and practical application of the cadastre on forests
R. Girkus. Names of lakes on the topographical maps of Lithuania
14.40 Coffee break
15.00Exonyms and possibilities of reducing their use
O. Bušs. Traditional place names (exonyms) in the Latvian language [Photo.]
P. Päll. Estonian exonyms in the newest sources (dictionaries, maps) [Photo.]
M. Razmukaitė. Traditional place names (exonyms) in the Lithuanian language
V. Butkus. On the tradition of spelling foreign geographical names
16.10–16.30 Principles of writing foreign place names, transcription and romanization systems
The discussion is lead by Ms. J. Palionytė, Vice-Chairperson of the State Commission of the Lithuanian Language
V. Boginskij. Information on the application of the system for romanization in the Russian Federation
18.00 Opera „Don Carlos"
9.00 Short discussion of the agenda
9.20Standardization of dialectal place names
L. Leikuma. Problems of orthography of the Latgale place names
Z. Cekula. Toponyms of Latgale on maps compiled by the State Land Service
E. Saar. Võro toponyms on the Basic Map of Estonia (1 : 20000)
10.00 Databases on geographical names
V. Boginskij. Information on the preparations for compiling the National Catalogue of Geographical Names of the Russian Federation
J. Aleknavičius. Toponyms in the computerized registers of Lithuania
M. Šterna. Database of Latvian geographical names at the State Land Service
M. Lakson. Preparatory works on the creation of the National Place Names Register in Estonia
10.40 Coffee break
11.00 V. Strautniece. Preparations for the Eighth United Nations Conference on the Standardization of Geographical Names (Berlin, 2002) (10 min.)
Elections of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Baltic Division of UNGEGN
Work plan of the Baltic Division of UNGEGN (30 min.)
Other items
12.30 Closing of the meeting
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Excursion [Photo.]